AI could be the most transformative technology of our lifetime. Unsurprisingly, people still aren’t quite sure what to do with it.

This is especially true at the enterprise level, where AI and and machine learning (ML)—a subset of AI—have long been on the horizon but benefits from their practical use have remained elusive due to difficulties related to existing software stacks, workflows, organizational cultures, and budgets. Questions about responsible AI and ML make these conversations even trickier.

Many decision-makers lack direction and understanding as they attempt to
envision, justify, deploy, and leverage AI and ML. As this report finds, there are
three specific challenges they must overcome if they hope to get the most
from these technologies:

  1. Ensure AI is built on a high-quality data foundation.
  2. Establish clear use cases and a strategy to move quickly.
  3. Overcome the skills gap.