Our mission for this magazine is to share the latest technology and leadership insights and build a trusted community of CIOs and leading IT experts. Each quarter, you’ll hear from a variety of thought leaders about the latest technology trends, business challenges, and strategic approaches for maximizing value. 

This edition dives into a topic that’s top-of-mind for organizations everywhere: AI and machine learning (ML). CIOs are being tasked with adopting AI and ML technologies to maximize organizational efficiency and productivity; however, many are still trying to determine just how to do that.

This issue provides insight into what AI and ML mean for organizations and the future of work, 
as well as best practices for successful AI and ML adoption. As these technologies continue 
to evolve, it is crucial for CIOs to understand their  potential and stay ahead of the curve by 
incorporating AI and ML into their digital transformation strategy. We promise to help 
guide you along the way.