Building organizational agility: A guide for IT leaders

The study “Organizational Agility at Scale: The Key to Driving Digital Growth,” conducted on behalf of Workday by Longitude, surveyed almost 1,000 business leaders across Asia, Europe, and North America.

The majority of the companies in our survey realize that driving digital growth is critical to their long-term success. And, perhaps more tellingly, we found that there is a strong relationship between digital revenue growth and organizational agility.

We identified five key behaviors that are crucial to organizational agility, and then grouped survey respondents based on their level of adoption of these behaviors. “Leaders” (15% of respondents) achieved high performance across all five of the behaviors, while “aspirers” (30% of respondents) achieved high performance in four of them, and “laggards” (55%) achieved three or fewer of the behaviors.

Let’s look at each of these behaviors in turn to see how tech leaders can overcome inflexible technology and a culture of bureaucracy.