Creating and transforming the employee experience: A guide for IT leaders

Bottom line, flexible work is here to stay, and the future of work looks nothing like the past. These new hybrid work models require new ways of working and new ways for technology to support them. Much of the current infrastructure today was built decades ago when everyone was centralized in large corporate offices. This puts too much onus on employees to navigate complex systems that weren’t designed to support new ways of working. People are also now surrounded by amazing consumer experiences that have transformed our daily lives - and we want the same experience in our work lives. This is the opportunity to reach across the table and bring the goals of the CIO and the CHRO together - to create a common strategy and set of business commitments for elevating the employee experience. Three shared initiatives to start with:

  1. Take a skills-first approach
  2. Squeeze out process inefficiencies
  3. Foster authenticity