The Convergence of Digital and Sustainable Transformation

CIOs fulfill a key role in helping identify and implement technologies that are strategically important for meeting ESG goals. This role requires CIOs to have a solid understanding of their organization’s material ESG issues, the needs of the CFO in meeting new reporting obligations, and the quantifiable sustainability impact of their technology ecosystem. As the landscape of sustainable and sustainability enabling technologies complexifies, the CFO and CHRO will increasingly look to the CIO for guidance on how to optimize existing technology investments and align data to successfully meet new reporting obligations.

In this webinar, Christine Terborg, Strategic Account Executive, Alight Solutions; Eric Wilson, Director of Solution Management, Workday; and Bjoern Stengel, global sustainability research lead, IDC, will discuss the new CIO sustainability imperative, the need for C-suite collaboration around ESG, as well as current market trends that impact the way that CIOs need to interpret and execute their role as a core stakeholder in the sustainable transformation journey.