This InfoBrief provides an overview of the challenges that CFOs and finance teams
face when accelerating their digital transformation journey. Finance teams have
become advisors and coaches to the business. They are responsible for driving
growth and delivering greater value as they navigate evolving business conditions
and the complex, new challenges presented by the evolution of digital business

To navigate the complexity of this new world, finance must be able to pivot quickly.
In order to do so, finance must “own” the data and embrace technology to enable
greater organizational collaboration; make better, and faster decisions; and scale
as needed while meeting the needs of digital business. In order to accomplish
this, they need to partner with the IT to co-create the technology strategy. The
CIO will then define the modern digital technology foundation to move the company
into the digital-first business era.

To be succesful, CFOs and CIOs must empower their organizations to maneuver
the continuous disruptions in the global economic landscape with speed, scale
and agility—while also establishing a new digital business operating methodology.
The associated technology decisions will enable their organizations to move at a
lightning pace, pivot quickly, and create new sources of competitive advantage.