The CIO is in the driver’s seat.

Market changes, global disruptions, competitive pressures, and rapid innovations in technology are shifting market landscapes faster than ever, compelling organizations to respond quickly and with confidence. At the same time, the world’s workforce is facing a massive transformation in how, when, and where employees work, as well as who is willing to work in what capacity. Additionally, companies must keep up with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and compliance mandates, as well as other nonfinancial metrics.

Add shifting industry dynamics—such as competitive movements and changing customer expectations and behaviors—and you’ll see why companies must adapt and innovate or be left behind.

In short, the race to digital transformation is on—and CIOs are in the driver’s seat.

In this guide, learn how your organization can use Workday Enterprise Management Cloud Platform to innovate more, grow faster, and boost employee engagement to better navigate a constantly changing world.