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IT's ESG opportunity: Setting the sustainable technology agenda and aligning the C-suite 

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  • 4 Min Read
IDC's Bjoern Stengel discusses the need for IT to understand the business case for sustainability, regulatory requirements, investor demands, and the digital tools that facilitate ESG reporting.

ESG success drivers: Clear metrics, standardized frameworks, and a lot of data

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  • 4 Min Read
Creating a successful ESG strategy is largely a data issue. To succeed, the CIO must work with business stakeholders to align around strong metrics and standardized frameworks.

The sustainability imperative for CIOs

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  • 3 Min Read
A growing set of ESG initiatives will require even greater alignment between CIOs and their C-suite colleagues, particularly the CFO and the CHRO. Collaboration is critical for achieving ESG goals.

How to take your ESG initiatives to the next level

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  • 4 Min Read
View these quick demos to see how a unified data foundation can help keep your sustainability commitments on track while finding new opportunities for improvement across the organization. 

The convergence of digital and sustainable transformation

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  • 32 Min Watch Time
CIOs fulfill a key role in helping identify and implement technologies that are strategically important for meeting ESG goals.

ESG promises and pressures

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  • 62 Min Watch Time
By prioritizing ESG measures, CFOs can better ensure sustainability and attract new investors—all while cutting costs. Hear how Netflix, Bank of America, and NYU navigate ESG benefits and pressures.

Workday's commitments to a rapidly evolving ESG agenda

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  • 4 Min Read
How a company approaches ESG issues is more pressing than ever before. Here’s where Workday is focused to help do its part and innovate in the area of ESG.

Getting to Net Zero: Executives share ESG best practices

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  • 4 Min Watch Time
Netflix Chief Sustainability Officer Emma Stuart, Bank of America Chairman Brian Moynihan, and Mars CFO Claus Aagaard share how they are looking at climate risk on the road to Net Zero.